Certified Wireless Network Professional Certification (CWNP)

The CWNP certification distinguishes the student from the others with university degree by validating his/her competence in Wi-Fi technology. This certification guarantees the students’ ability to use the necessary troubleshoot enterprise Wi-Fi networks tools, and secure them. Network administration is among the highly rated skills required by companies.

CWTS:The CWTS certification will get you started in your IT career by ensuring you have a solid base of enterprise Wi-Fi knowledge. CWTS is the entry level certification for the CWNP program.

CWNA: The CWNA(Certified Wireless Network Administrator) certification is a foundation level wireless LAN certification for the CWNP Program.

CWSP: The CWSP(Certified Wireless Security Professional) certification will advance your career by ensuring you have the skills to successfully secure wireless networks from hackers.

CWDP: The CWDP(Certified Wireless Design Professional) certification will advance your career by ensuring you have the skills to successfully design enterprise Wi-Fi networks for a variety of different applications, deployments, and environments, no matter which brand of Wi-Fi gear your organization deploys.

CWAP: The CWAP(Certified Wireless Analysis Professional) certification proves that you have the packet level expertise required to analyse and troubleshoot the most complex

802.11 systems.

CWNE: The CWNE (Certified Wireless Network Expert) credential is the final step in the CWNP Program.  By successfully completing the CWNE requirements, you will have demonstrated that you have the most advanced skills available in today’s wireless LAN market.

The above courses are associated with this certification.

–   At ICPD, we offer enterprise wireless certifications for entry-level professionals all the way up to seasoned network experts. Each certification level is designed to benchmark your deepening under-standing of RF technologies and applica-tions of wireless networks.

–  ICPD employs authorized training providers called CWNP Learning Centers to deliver instructor-led, video, and online LIVE training towards CWNP certifications. CWNP Learning Centers offer training around the globe using the official CWNP curriculum taught by CWNT certified instructors.

–   ICPD  publishes videos, white papers, blogs, and other materials that assist the networker in learning Wi-Fi technologies and preparing for CWNP exams



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