Certification in Big Data Analytics (CBDA)

Big Data Analysis

CBDA establishes the competency of yet-to-be professionals at integrating computer science and economics skills in problem solving and data analytics. With a CBDA qualification, the students are ascertained to have acquired rigorous training in quantitative analysis. This certification informs the employer that the student has been exposed to the analytical and programming skills needed to analyze big data commonly found in business.

What is Business Data Analytics?

Business data analytics is a discipline by which a specific set of techniques, competencies and practices are applied to perform the continuous exploration, and investigation of business data. The goal of business data analytics is to obtain insights about a business that can lead to improved evidence based decision-making.

Competing with Analytics

  • Overview of Big Data: What is Big Data and why do we care?
  • Key learnings and best practices from successful firms
  • Identifying opportunities to leverage Big Data and overcome common challen-ges

Web and Mobile Analytics

  • Social analytics: Customer sentiments, engagement, and conversion
  • Clickstream and search engine analytics
  • A/B testing and experimentation

Data Mining Methods

  • Gathering data for analysis: Database systems and data warehousing
  • Overview of dashboards and various data mining methods
  • Predictive analytics and classification

From Methods to Application

  • Understanding the process of data analysis
  • The differentiation between statistical applications and techniques
  • Which data analytics tool is right for your organization and understanding how to put it in practise.

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